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Magic Mushroom Shop Oakland sources all our Magic Mushrooms from local growers that take pride and passion in their work. All our Magic Mushrooms are grown organically without the use of harsh chemicals. Therefore we deliver the cleanest experience. Furthermore, our Shrooms are grown indoors in a controlled and sanitary environment. Unlike some of our competitors, we get our Shrooms fresh and store them properly. 

All our product pictures are of the actual inventory we carry. We have been around locally since 2015. With recent expansions, we have ventured into the online world. We provide Oakland with the ease of obtaining Magic Mushrooms Online in the comfort of their own home with mail order Magic Mushroom service. We ship discretely using SS, USPS, FedEX, DHL, UPS. within 24 hours of your purchase. Magic Mushroom Shop Oakland specializes in mail oreder micro-dose experience based on the most popular stacking formulas. Get your Magic Mushrooms today and experience a higher state of mind, clarity, peace, and harmony.

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Welcome to Buy Mushroom Shop. We pride ourselves in being the best site to Buy Shrooms Online. Our Mail Order Shroom delivers the best Psilocybin products. All our  Product are grown organically in an indoor controlled environment from locally sourced spores in Oakland. Following the lead of Oakland’s online mushroom industries, we have brought a safe and reliable way of ordering magic mushrooms online. As an open community, we take feedback from our customers very seriously and are open-minded when it comes to the products we carry.

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How Long Do Mushrooms Last?
How Long Do Mushrooms Last?
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 There is no set answer for how long magic mushrooms last after consumption. It depends on the individual, body type and metabolism rate, and time of day.

magic mushroom gummies

that it was taken concerning other activities such as food intake, etc. However, if one consumed them within two hours before going out,

Oakland Psilocybin Mushroom Dispensary

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We pride ourselves in providing the best psilocybin products and also the best customer service.

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We got everything for your trippy needs! Shroom Edibles, Dried Magic Mushrooms, Psilocybin Capsules, and more! Low prices, fast shipping! Buy Shrooms Online Psilocybin mushrooms, commonly known as magic mushrooms, are a polyphyletic informal group of fungi that contain psilocybin which turns into psilocin upon ingestion. Individuals use psilocybin as a recreational drug. 

It can provide feelings of euphoria and sensory distortion that are common to hallucinogenic drugs such as LSD. Dried shrooms can be crushed into a powder and smoked by rolling them up on their own or by mixing them with tobacco or cannabis. Some people eat freshly picked psilocybe mushrooms

Psilocybin is considered to have extremely low toxicity, and cases of death have been extremely rare. There are many kinds of psilocybin mushrooms. There are actually some types of mushrooms that are poisonous mushrooms, which can be deadly. Types of magic mushroom strains include Goldern Teacher, Penis Envy, Blue Meanies, B+ and more.

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Psilocybin mushrooms, also known as “magic mushrooms” or “shrooms,” naturally contain the hallucinogenic compound psilocybin. With over 180 species of shrooms, they have gained popularity as psychedelics in Australia, Canada,  America, and Europe. These mushrooms have a rich historical background, with their usage tracing back centuries in Mesoamerica for spiritual and religious ceremonies.

Beyond their cultural significance, these mushrooms demonstrate promising potential in providing relief for various conditions. They have shown efficacy in alleviating symptoms for individuals dealing with headache pain, OCD, PTSD, anxiety, depression, addiction, and more. While classified as controlled substances, according to Health Australia, human studies conducted at esteemed institutions highlight the efficacy of Shrooms in medical and psychiatric contexts.

When you consume shrooms, the digestive system transforms it into the psychoactive compound psilocin. This, in turn, initiates various alterations in brain function, such as increased activity in the visual cortex, modified perception, and a reduction in the activity of the “Default Mode Network,” ultimately resulting in a decreased sense of self.

Furthermore, psilocybin enhances connectivity and activity in various brain regions. These combined effects make it a promising tool in addressing conditions such as depression and addiction, as recognized by researchers.

One of the key mechanisms of psilocybin’s action is its ability to mimic serotonin and activate the 5-HT2A receptor located in the prefrontal cortex. This receptor stimulation results in two significant outcomes:

BDNF (or “Brain-Derived Neurotropic Factor”) is produced. This has been described as “Miracle-Gro” for your brain. It stimulates the activity, connectedness, and the actual growth of your brain.

Cognition, learning, and memory are increased due to the increased transmission of the neurotransmitter “Glutamate.”

Individual who microdose consume minimal, sub-perceptible doses of psychedelics at regular intervals. Despite being sub-perceptual, these small doses can significantly impact one’s life. A typical microdose ranges from 50 to 200mg, taken weekly with a few days skipped. When taken in this manner, it does not impair normal functioning.

You can learn more about microdosing on our educational page here. Buy Magic Mushroom Shop can help you make your magic mushroom experience as good as possible.

Psilocybin plays a role in improving the function of the hippocampus, a region responsible for the conversion of short-term memories into long-term ones and facilitating the process of learning. It also supports the formation of new cells. Scientists believe that this new cell growth can lead to what they refer to as “the extinction of trace fear conditioning,” which is common among those suffering from PTSD.

The effects of Microdosing 50mg to 250mg of psilocybin include:

  • A slight sedation
  • Mood enhancement or amplification of mood in either a positive or negative direction
  • Increased energy with no subsequent crash
  • Physical endurance improvement and overall enjoyment of physical activity and everyday tasks
  • Increased ability to relax and body awareness
  • Increased ability to meditate
  • Tendency to be spontaneous
  • Increase in creativity
  • Enhanced appreciation of the arts
  • Enhanced senses
  • Enhanced memory
  • Thoughts are more connected and clearer
  • A sense of fluidity between body and mind
  • Increased productivity and ability to focus
  • Interest in making lifestyle improvements
  • Treatment for conditions such as depression, anxiety, ADD, ADHD, and PTSD
  • Increased ability to engage in fluid conversations
  • An increase in empathy and ability to socialize
  • Increased ability to forgive yourself
  • An open mindfulness, presence, and peace
  • Stabilized emotions
  • Stress reduction

The list and testimony are impressive. Microdosing helps people overcome everything from the fear response, depression, anxiety, and several mental health conditions like ADD, ADHD, PTSD, mood disorders, and addiction to improved cognition and creativity.

Psilocybin promotes cognition and creativity, increased energy, fluidity, focus, improved social interaction, athletic ability, and leadership skills.

Mood Improvement

Your outlook on life is improved, with an increased sense of optimism. You also get an overall sense of well-being and calmness and reduced depression.

Physiological enhancements

This includes enhanced visual acuity, cardio endurance, fewer migraines and headaches, and higher sleep quality. Also, an increase in energy as it pertains to mental stimulation, alertness, and restfulness

Less anxiety

It reduces both personal and social anxiety. Research studies show anecdotal evidence to reinforce the idea that a regular microdosing regimen positively affects several mental conditions. It also reveals that large doses of psychedelics effectively treat depression, anxiety, and addiction.

Cognitive improvements

You can experience heightened mental clarity, improved memory, and increased problem-solving abilities.

Social connection

You’ll feel more engaged while experiencing increased empathy, a closer connection, and extroverted behaviour.

Improved self-efficacy and self-care

Increased ambition, motivation, confidence, as well as introspection; a desire to meditate and participate in other forms of self-care.


This includes curiosity, openness, a shift of perspective, and the ability to change thought patterns.


Experience improved concentration and self-awareness.


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