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mushroom grow kits, Welcome to Buy Magic Mushroom Shop Oakland – the one stop shop for all your mushroom home grow needs. Growing mushrooms is a super interesting and rewarding hobby for beginners and the more experienced alike. There’s loads to consider when growing mushrooms like temperature and humidity but there’s also a lot of support online to get you on the right path. The following steps are a rough guide of what’s required to start your first grow.

magic mushroom grow kits

To start with you need to decide which mushroom you would like to grow. Some mushrooms are a lot more complicated than others so it is best to start with a beginner level species like oyster mushrooms with the standard grow kit to get a feel of what’s required. We can recommend the Blue Oysters and Pink Oysters to get going. From there as you develop your skills you can start venturing into mushrooms that require more experience. To view our Buy Magic Mushroom Oakland California, Species Guide CLICK HERE. You will also need a grow kit which is sold as an optional extra along with your chosen species.

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Inoculate your grow kit.

Insert the needle into the grow kit through the injection port and empty the contents of the syringe into the substrate kit. Place the grow kit in a cupboard in a room of around 24-27 degrees (general guide). It should take 4-6 weeks to colonise which is when the mycelium will grow and eventually turn the brown substrate into a white “cake”.

Transfer the colonised cake to a plastic bag or fruiting chamber.

Tip the contents of container onto a clean surface. Your delivery arrived in a bag which can be used to cover the cake forming a fruiting chamber. Alternatively you can make your own fruiting chamber with a clear plastic box with ventilation or BUY ONE HERE. The fruiting chamber will need to be lightly sprayed with water and fanned for a few minutes once or twice a day – do not spray the cake directly. Generally the mushrooms will take 2-3 weeks to fruit.

Harvest and enjoy your mushrooms.

Once your mushrooms have grown it is time to harvest them. Simply cut them off at the base and put away for storage until you want to eat with them. After harvesting your mushrooms you can soak the cake in water for 24 hours and return to the fruiting chamber. Each cake can fruit 2-3 times before completion.

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